Basic Income: A Business Case for the Arts

Especially in a pandemic, the entertainment created by artists and creative professionals is a big part of our lives. But how can we make sure that artists can sustain themselves when their options to work are so limited?

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Basic Income: A Christian Perspective

Photo by Eduardo Braga from Pexels

Scripture makes it clear that work is not just something we need to do to sustain ourselves. It should also bring us closer to God through personal fulfilment. Does the minimum wage fast-food worker feel fulfilled?

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Opening Doors: The Barrier-Busting Basics of a Basic Income

Before COVID, I owned a business, a small cafe in the heart of a small city. I’m a single mom, so to keep the place running, I desperately needed staff, but I couldn’t hire anyone all that often, as I simply could not afford it… A universal basic income may have saved my business, and allowed me to hire staff…

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Negotiating the Future

How can we, as multicultural communities, make the best decisions possible to safeguard the makings of a good life for those yet to come? How can we ensure we are being good ancestors, anticipating that the world, as it changes, will change us and how we define what the good life is?

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Basic Income Could Bring Relief to People with Chronic Illness

Taken in '17 during a high point in Joanna’s health journey.

Being one of thousands of Canadians that fall through the gaps in the social security net is an impossible situation. You’re in no way able to financially provide for yourself by working regularly. Yet you’re not disabled ‘enough,’ or chronically ill ‘enough,’ to receive financial aid.

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How Would Basic Income Help Small Business Owners?

Basic income could enable more of us to find fulfilling work and contribute more to our communities. We would be directly supporting a circular economy. Keeping people out of poverty means we have more time and resources to focus on other major societal issues, like climate change and building a sustainable life.

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