Basic Income is not a new conversation.

Basic Income Alberta is a member-driven organization connected with basic income advocates across the country. Grounded in research, scholarship, and economic understanding, we focus on advocacy, education and local mobilization.

Support for Basic Income Has Been Building

For years, Albertans from across the political spectrum have been discussing the idea of basic income. Today, interest in Alberta has gelled and brought people together in ways that mirror the rise in support across Canada. 60% of Albertans support the idea of basic income.

Growing and Connecting — A History of Basic Income Alberta


Basic Income Alberta grew out of a community initiative attached to Calgary’s Enough for All strategy in 2017. It captured the interest of community members and stakeholders alike, and local momentum started to build.

That initial Calgary effort prompted Edmonton’s RECOVER Urban Wellness project to include a basic income community prototype in its 2018 social innovation lab. Meanwhile, the Calgary group coalesced into Basic Income Calgary, a collaborator of the greater Basic Income Canada Network.

The first full scale conference on basic income in Alberta was hosted by Basic Income Calgary in May of 2019. Make It BIG drew hundreds of Albertans to Calgary to explore opportunities, costing scenarios, and discussions about the economic influence a basic income would have for all Canadians. Interest was so high, Basic Income Alberta was born.

Basic Income Alberta proudly brings the western prairie perspective to the Basic Income Cross Canada Coalition and UBIWorks.

In addition to the mighty power of all the local groups and volunteers that contribute to Basic Income Alberta, backbone support is provided by Vibrant Communities Calgary and EndPovertyEdmonton.

Principles Based Advocacy

Basic Income Alberta joins Basic Income Calgary in advocating for a principles-based approach to designing a basic income. 

  1.       Be universal and unrestricted 
  2.       Be adequate
  3.       Be for individuals
  4.       Be complementary with other supports
  5.       Be a step forward


For more information about the principles-based approach, please visit Basic Income Calgary.

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