Poverty costs Albertans between $7.1 and $9.5 billion per year.

The economy improves when more people have spending power.

60% of Albertans support a basic income.

A basic income could offer a way out of domestic violence.

A basic income gives people freedom to choose how they want to improve their lives.

We need basic income.

A basic income is a monthly, upfront cash payment delivered unconditionally to all individuals to cover the essential costs of living. It is then taxable based on total income.

Our economy is fragile. With Covid-19, global oil price instability, and other factors beyond our control, Albertans are experiencing a flood of economic issues. Our options are limited by our economic reality, and they continue to shrink.

A basic income is like a financial life jacket — it would provide just enough to keep our heads above water. And the positive effects would ripple out into the entire economy.


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Photo by Eduardo Braga from Pexels

Basic Income: A Christian Perspective

Scripture makes it clear that work is not just something we need to do to sustain ourselves. It should also bring us closer to God through personal fulfilment. Does the minimum wage fast-food worker feel fulfilled?

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Opening Doors: The Barrier-Busting Basics of a Basic Income

Before COVID, I owned a business, a small cafe in the heart of a small city. I’m a single mom, so to keep the place running, I desperately needed staff, but I couldn’t hire anyone all that often, as I simply could not afford it… A universal basic income may have saved my business, and allowed me to hire staff…

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Case for Basic Income for the Arts

Watch the webinar about the benefits of a basic income for the arts.

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Humans of Basic Income

Humans of Basic Income amplifies the stories of those in Ontario’s prematurely cancelled Basic Income Pilot Program with photography.

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