Take Action

Here are some of the ways you can get involved in making basic income a reality.

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Become an Advocate

Want to spread the word about Basic Income through your network? Sign up to be an Advocate, and get access to resources for social sharing, connect with other Advocates, and more.

Write Your MP

To make Basic Income a reality for all Canadians, share your support with your Member of Parliament.


1. Contact Your MP

Click to find your MP. Once on the Parliament website, just enter your postal code. Your MP will appear and after you select them you can click on the CONTACT tab to get their contact information.


2. Download Letter Template

We started a letter template for you! Download it in .doc format here. We suggest editing to add your story or reasons why you think a basic income is in the best interest of all Albertans.


3. Send By Mail or Email

You can certainly send a letter by email, it is the easiest. Though, did you know that you can send a hand-written letter to your MP without paying postage? We recommend sending the letter to their constituency office.

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