Mobilizing Basic Income Alberta

Mobilizing Basic Income Alberta

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Project Purpose

The purpose of Basic Income Calgary’s (BIC) project is to create and support the development of a formal network of basic income action groups across Alberta who work together, advocating for a principles-based basic income pilot in our province. It is believed that through a collective approach more can be achieved.

While the concept of basic income is gaining support across the globe and in Canada, BIC is currently the only known formalized group in Alberta advocating for a provincial basic income pilot. BIC is striving to build province-wide public support and political will for a principles-based basic income pilot in Alberta by convening organizations, community advocates, people with lived experience, Indigenous peoples, business leaders and government officials to explore and share ideas how about how to make basic income a reality in Alberta.

Contribution to Poverty Reduction

Today, neither work nor the existing system of social supports and services ensure that all Calgarians can meet their basic needs, much less reach their full potential. It is within this context that the idea of a basic income has resurfaced as a potential solution. BIC believes that the establishment of a principles-based basic income for all who need it, will enable Calgarians and all Albertans to live a modest lifestyle with dignity, regardless of employment status.

Project Approach

Building on Ontario’s experience, BIC is striving to build a formal provincial network of action groups by connecting individuals and organizations across the province to build the movement. Through a networked approach of local action groups across Ontario, 40 municipal governments signed City Resolutions calling on the provincial government to implement a basic income pilot. This demonstration of both public and political support most certainly influenced Ontario’s provincial government decision to create a pilot.

The successful formation of a provincial network will also require achieving broad consensus on basic income principles. While BIC has developed its own principles, the network will also need to develop principles that benefit from a broader range of perspectives, account for regional differences and ensure a collective, unified and powerful voice from all corners of the province.

BIC will ensure the meaningful engagement of people with lived experience throughout this project. BIC already has a strong history of engaging people with lived experience as part of its leadership group, through its quarterly community network sessions and by ensuring key documents are written in plain language. Finally, BIC is utilizing creative, art-based engagement processes to capture the stories and perspectives of people with lived experience as part of our advocacy efforts. Show Me, Tell Me is photovoice project that asks individuals to explore the impact basic income could have on their lives.

BIC is proud of the work we have done so far and believe that by convening people passionate about basic income, building knowledge, sharing resources and tools, we can help advocates develop strong basic income action groups across Alberta.

Project Activities

  1. Host a conference to mobilize potential network members.

    • Identify key contacts across Alberta who can promote, sponsor, present or attend the conference.

    • Survey stakeholders and collaborators to gain feedback on what they need from the conference to advance basic income advocacy within their local context.

    • The conference will provide an opportunity to educate people on the value of basic income, share tools and resources needed to start local action groups, as well as examine ways to connect, collaborate and learn together.

    • Develop a framework for creating the network’s consensus principles.

    • Provide the opportunity for persons with lived experience throughout the conference to participate and meaningfully contribute (e.g., panel discussions with Poverty Talks; a photovoice exhibit, etc.). This includes incorporating Indigenous perspectives, particularly as it pertains to the formation of principles.

  2. Collaborate with the Soul of the Next Economy to engage business leaders and promote business involvement at the conference.

  3. Convene network conference calls every two months.

  4. Establish Basic Income Alberta’s principles.

Intended Impact

  • Increased knowledge and awareness of basic income among conference participants.

  • Sharing of knowledge and tools by conference participants.

  • Municipal basic income action groups, including people with lived experience, begin to form across the province and are advocating locally for municipal resolutions.

  • A formalized network consisting of four or more municipal action groups is established (Basic Income Alberta) and form consensus on basic income design principles.Basic Income Alberta begins advocating to the provincial and federal governments for a principles-based basic income pilot in Alberta

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