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For many Canadians, the cost of basic necessities such as food and housing have risen over the years while wages have not kept up with these costs. There is a new reality of increasing automation which is making employment less secure. The evidence is mounting – ensuring that everyone in society has enough income to afford more than just the bare necessities enables them, and everyone else, to live better lives.

Join us for community conversation led by Dr. Evelyn Forget economist and one of Canada’s leading researchers on basic income. What is Basic Income? Why do we need it? Can we afford it? Are there cautions and drawbacks? This presentation introduces Basic Income and shows how it has worked when we’ve tried it in Canada and elsewhere. The social programs we have in place were designed for a different kind of economy than the one we are living in now. Basic Income ensures everyone will have the resources to live a dignified life. We can afford it. What’s holding us back?

All three events will include: a light meal, networking opportunities, keynote presentation from Dr. Evelyn Forget, and an open forum for Q&A. Pick the time/location that works for you to learn more about the concept of Basic Income.

Presented in partnership with City Of Edmonton, EndPovertyEdmonton, Stony Plain FCSS, and Fort Saskachewan FCSS.

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